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One Ocean One Love is a green, environmentally friendly business specialized in ecofriendly clothing and accessories. From shopping bags, to printing paper everything is made from recycled material.

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1.4 trillion microfibers particles weighing from 93,000 to 236,000 tons, can be found in the marine environment and are found pretty much everywhere you look, if you looked closely enough.

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“Approximately 10–20 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans each year. A recent study conservatively estimated that 5.25 trillion plastic particles weighing a total of 268,940 tons are currently floating in the world’s oceans..."

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Plastic free yoga mats!
Sustainability and entrepreneurship runs in Seabin Groups extended family! @sea.obsession our operations manager is on maternity leave and has followed her passion of sustainability by starting a small business (and a small family 😊)
Plastic free ...
The kiwis are world famous for being clean and green. They are now investing in clean tech to assist in keeping the waterways clean.
Thanks for your patience and support @viaductharbour this is first steps in a global problem of ...

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